THE RULES OF CRAFT DO NOT APPLY: ONE-DAY WORKSHOPwith D. Foy, author of Made to Break, Patricide, and Absolutely Golden

Sunday, 11/5 from 1-4 Tickets: $50  Only 8 spots

One three-hour session, Sunday, 11/5, from 1-4pm. $50. Only 8 spots. With D. Foy, author of Made to Break, Patricide, and Absolutely Golden

For writers fiction and non-fiction alike.

When we think of writing, do we consider it an “art” or a “craft”?

If we say “craft,” there’s a real chance we’re selling ourselves short in our own work.

All too often, craft dictates mechanisms and rules that, if assumed too early in an artist’s development, can retard their growth rather than enhance it. While craft can always be learned, it can also be extremely difficult to unlearn.

In writing, for example, such matters as character, POV, setting, plot, theme, tone, and so forth, each have their general prescriptions, some or all of which, when abided too closely, can produce the nasty side effect of hedging or clouding a writer’s field of possibilities.

Craft, in other words, tells us that its precepts may be broken or bent at any time, even as it infers that it is only the masters who should be so bold. The rest of us, reads the subtext, would do well to stick to this and this, but never to that and that.

But it’s really easy to overlook the exceptions to this recommendation and take them instead for law.

Often in such cases, the result is work based on a writer’s idea of what should be written, or of the form the writing should take, rather than on the writer’s own truth, which is an understanding of the world that is unique to them alone.

In this workshop, we will:

Read and discuss an essay by D. Foy about the relationship between the different ways a writer can perceive her world and how she transforms her perceptions on the page to create work unlike anyone else’s.

Study a selection of writers to break down and articulate the distinctive qualities of each, paying particular attention both to what they are writing about and where their lines of thought shift and bend and even break.

Hone our personal voice and style through techniques that expand, enhance, and clarify our innate powers of perception.

Conduct exercises that promote faster, deeper access to our imaginations, and unlock the super powers we didn’t know we have.

Marshal our “writer’s mind” in ways that enable us more freedom and trust in our compositional process and result in work that crackles with passion and originality.


Four Tuesday evenings: 11/7, 11/14, 11/21, & 11/28. Tickets: $225 Only 8 spots

Chloe writes: This class is for any level creative nonfiction writers who have an incomplete draft and need support propelling forward, revising, and finishing an essay. In this class, Chloe will create an encouraging environment while sharing memorable tools to support writers in revising their own work, and bringing their nonfiction to its potential.


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