For Visitors to July Writers’ Camp from Out of Town

Schedule for Kingston Writers’ Studio Writers’ Camp July 10-17


  • Lunch is on your own unless otherwise specified—there are many great spots in walking distance where you can grab food, including: The Lunchbox, Yum Yum Noodle Bar, Diego’s Taqueria–all three of which are downstairs from Kingston Writers’ Studio; Outdated Cafe at 314 Wall St.; Sissy’s Cafe at 324 Wall St.; Kovo Rotisserie; DMZ Kingston and many other places
  • Feel free to use the studio whenever you like throughout the retreat (all-hours access is available through a lockbox with key downstairs, and combination locks on the studio doors). Anytime there are no events or you want to skip something, you can work there—or take free time as needed. We can recommend coffee shops like Outdated Cafe at 314 Wall St. and other working spots as well, and Airbnbers, you’re free to work in the Airbnb. We have crafted events for you, but if you’re on a roll, writing takes precedent. That said, we want to see you sometimes!
  • Please adhere to the no-talking rule in the studio—It’s okay to say hi, but go outside to have longer conversations so as not to disturb others’ work, or to the workshop room, if it’s empty.
  • Dinner events are pay-your-own for food/drink, except the welcome drinks/snacks on Monday.
  • Please let us know when you’re arriving. The studio is in walking distance from the bus station. We can give more instructions/directions as needed!

Monday, 7/10:

1-5pm Open studio/free time: Come to Kingston Writers’ Studio to meet up, see the space, learn how to get in the doors, get writing. Fill out quick intake sheets on what you want to accomplish to be used in goal-setting and prompts. People arriving later, please fill these out upon arrival.

3 p.m. Airbnb check in (for those in Airbnb)

5pm-8pm Welcome drinks/snacks on Sari’s back deck at 288 Wall St. #2, with a talk by Riding in Cars with Boys author Bev Donofrio. She’ll chat informally about memoir vs. autobiography, and having your memoir made into a movie.

Tuesday, 7/11:

10am-12pm Goal-setting, prompts and writing together in the studio. (NOTE: You can come to the studio before this, but for those who like to keep their mornings clear with early writing on their own, we’re doing a 10 a.m. check-in/goals setting time—then back to free writing per your plan.)

1-2:15pm Writing/Creativity-centered Yoga at Anahata (down the street) with Aaron ($5 for retreat participants and KWS members, $10 for non-members)

Afternoon: Open studio time.

7:30 Taco Tuesday dinner at Santa Fe.

Wednesday, 7/12:

10am-12pm Goal-setting, prompts and writing together in the studio.

3pm A walk somewhere–either exploring Kingston or hiking in nearby nature. TBD.

6-8pm Cory Nakasue gives a talk on astrology at Two Ravens, focused on the effects of Mercury on writing and creativity. Dinner there.

Thursday, 7/13:

10am-12pm Goal-setting, prompts and writing together in the studio.

1-2:15pm Writing/Creativity-centered Yoga at Anahata with Aaron

Optional: 20-minute writing-centric astrology readings with Cory Nakasue for $20

6 p.m. Check in with Sari & Jen. Qs and discussion of progress, how ppl are doing, what ppl need, who wants to read?

7:30 Dinner and talking shop at Boitson’s.

Friday, 7/14:

10am-12pm Goal-setting, prompts and writing together in the studio.

3-5pm Ask the Agent/Ask the Editor: Mel Flashman and Kris Puopolo in conversation with Sari Botton at Brunette.

*Kevin, Whitney, Anna, Jazmine arrive*

7pm Dinner near Brunette, at Savonna’s.

9pm BYO Karaoke at Green Kill (it’s across the street from a liquor store…)

Saturday, 7/15:

11am-1pm Goal-setting, prompts and writing together in the studio.

2pm Day trip to Rosendale Street Festival/Hike on rail trail or Joppenburgh mountain/Postmark Books

6-8pm Reading at Keegan Ales.

8:30 dinner somewhere…

Sunday, 7/16:

11am-1pm Panel discussion on pitching magazines with Hearst Digital’s Features Director Whitney Joiner, The New York Times Magazine’s Jazmine Hughes, Taste’s Anna Hezel, and GQ’s Kevin Nguyen, in conversation with Jen Doll.

2-5pm Smorgasburg at the Hutton Brick Yards

6pm For those staying the night, more studio writing, and then drinks/dinner/recap.

Monday, 7/17:

Airbnb checkout 11

Retreaters can use the studio all day.